I Saw Jesus Today

Today, i saw Jesus in the eyes of three high school students here in Iligan.

I was in a jeepney when I passed by at Iligan City National High school and saw two students (brothers) outside the school waiting for a jeepney.

The 15-year old kuya was carrying his 13-year old brother with muscular dystrophy (cant walk due to weak legs).

My instinct told me to get out of the jeepney immediately and meet Jesus in them because that’s what you would do if you ever see Jesus right? You run to Him and cry?

I talked to them for a while and i wont go into details of what I asked them but the realization is that we all have to hunt that thing that channels our reasons for being alive here on earth. When we get tired, we have to go outside and see the world for our selves, give meaning and purpose to this life.

I turned around and sobbed and cried and bawled and walked and ran until I saw this pink church.

Then, one kiddo ran to me and sold me colorful candles. (Honestly, i still dont get the significance of lighting candles but i buy every time i go to church and I’d ask the name of the one selling because I’d light those candles for them.) Today, I lighted candles to pray for Virgil, that grade 8 student whose classes end at 2pm and sells candles afterwards at st. Michael’s Cathedral and to Arnel and Paul who braved their selves to go to school despite Paul’s condition.

Help me pray.

That Virgil may persevere and see light at the end of the tunnel.

That Arnel may never get tired of carrying his brother to and from school.

That Paul may never see himself as a burden to his brother.

Forever hopeful,


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I can see Maria Cristina falls from here. I’m here and i’m marveling over the thought that i was in grade school when I was first introduced to this rare beauty. She used to be that picture of a 2-inch waterfall i see in my textbooks. Now, i look at her and i realize that dreams do really come true.



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for the gift of friendship

Putting into writing everything that You have done to me isn’t enough.

You forgive me even when I don’t deserve Your forgiveness. I never fail to pray yet i still sin.

Thank You so much for putting up with me.

For showing me hope when the days are duck.

For allowing me to see the light  through the eyes of my friends.

For Your love through their laughters.

For walking with me throughout this heartbreak journey.

My heart is filled with happiness knowing that you will always always send Yourself through the help of my friends.

My friends are more than enough. You are more than enough.

Thank You for reminding me that it isn’t all about me.

That life is to be celebrated with You in the person of my Friends.

It finally hit me today that i have to get my life together and get on with it.

This is just going to be a little bump in the whole story someday.